Blog No2

So, I went surfing yesterday, it was a glorious sunny day, a relief after the relentless rain and wind Cornwall has been battered with over the last month or so. There was barely a breeze and the beach was virtually deserted with gorgeous glassy little peelers snapping into the bay. The water temperature was roughly the same as the air at 14 degrees, so despite my misgivings I was quite toasty in the winter suit and boots, though this, my first surf this year with the additional winter neoprene was certainly a shock to the system the additional mm of rubber restricting my movements and making me notice every scrape and drag of toes across the board, lazy summer habits that need to be corrected over the colder months! And it seems, that i am by necessity going to have to become accustomed to cold water surfing if i want to get in at all! I did, when i began 'This Rugged Coast', think that my newly self employed status would enable me to skip down to the beach on a daily basis, catching a few waves before continuing with my new relaxed self employed day.... oh how i laugh.... this is not to suggest that i don't love my new venture, i most certainly do, i am more fulfilled in my life now than i ever have been, i am wedded to my land and my flowers, my new life, but it doesn't always leave much time for surfing. Other than from November to April, so i guess i better grit my teeth, pull on a neoprene hood and make the most of it. After a quick shower i returned back to the bay, still damp and bedraggled to price up a job in a stunning hotel for Christmas flowers, the manager must have been somewhat surprised to find my slightly sandy self awaiting her in the lobby. hey ho, i got the gig and Christmas is about to go into full swing.