freaky weather

It's cold in Cornwall. I am mostly to be found in the polytunnel eeking out the inside jobs reluctant to layer up and face the biting wind and rain, which seems to have been relentlessly battering the flower field since November, turning the flowerbeds into unworkable clay. Though, it seems, by the signs all around us, that this year is evidently not as cold as many previous, the daffodils growing in the fields are well early on last year, in fact they are approximately six weeks earlier than last year and about 4 weeks earlier than the norm. Which does illustrate quite well how variable the good old Cornish weather is, and how difficult it is to predict quite what will happen next and most significantly for me, which flower will be available when. Still if every year was the same, where would be the fun in that! This picture of the daffodil was taken 8th of April last year! Oh how I long for for blue sky's!